Client Survey

Completing this survey will give me a better understanding of the goals and aims of the website and it’s users and help me to formulate a proposal for you.

The survey will also help you articulate and identify the overall goals of your website build, including message, audience, content, look and feel and functionality.

Please answer each of the questions in a thorough but brief and clear manner, and add any additional notes or comments at the end of the survey. I will automatically be notified via email once you have submitted the survey.

Thank you for your time in doing this and I look forward to working with you.

Client Survey

  • About you

  • About the website

  • What are your primary online business objectives/goals for the website? (Examples include increased sales, marketing/branding awareness, and fewer customer service calls. Please discuss both long and short term goals.
  • What is the main business issue you hope to solve with the website? How will you measure the success of the solution?
  • About the users

  • Describe what would be a typical user coming to your website. How often is the user online, and what does he generally use the web for? How old is the user and what does he do for a living? (Use as much detail as possible in profiling your target user. Profile more than one type if appropriate.)
  • What are the primary actions the user should take when coming to your site (find contact details, sign up to a newsletter, find pricing etc)?
  • About your company

  • List the URLs of any of your competitors here
  • List the URLs of any websites you like and explain why
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.