Wanted: WordPress Developer with Experience

Contract role, per project

Please note this position is only for applicants who are currently living in Australia.

DMC Web is looking for a developer with WordPress experience to help work on client projects.

Specifically, I’m looking for someone who already has a decent understanding of WordPress theming and functionality and can use a modern web development stack to build custom WordPress sites.

A good fit would be who someone has a good understanding of the following tasks:

  • Front end web development (HTML/CSS/JS)
  • WordPress plugin and theme development (PHP, WP core)
  • Front end web tooling (task runners, package managers etc)

The work would involve building components of or complete WordPress sites, as well as working on existing sites that need maintenance tasks or additional functionality.

We would be working in close proximity to start, with the goal being that the applicant could eventually work remotely in their own time.


  • Have a keen interest in web development and associated technologies
  • Is reliable
  • Should have their own laptop to work from, preferably a Mac running OS X
  • Can set up and work from a LAMP stack on their local machine
  • Is willing to learn how to use a BASH shell/command line
  • Can work remotely when required
  • Is able to self-start and learn further technical information required for a task

The successful applicant would learn how to use a modern web development stack, which in this case is:

  • bitbucket and github for hosting private git repositories
  • NPM for running Grunt/Gulp
  • Bower for package management of third party scripts
  • Grunt/Gulp for task management eg compiling SCSS, minifying, concatenating, theme code deployment
  • SCSS for generating CSS
  • Related tools (Git, BASH shell, Chrome Developer Tools)

Please apply below: